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Floss Valuable in Reducing Plaque

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Floss Valuable in Reducing Plaque

Believe it to be true or not, researchers have compared different types of dental floss to establish whether some work much better than others to wash teeth. The final analysis is they aren’t.
Any type of floss will help promote clean teeth by removing particles of food and bacteria.
In one study conducted by periodontists at the University of Buffalo, Sixty adults with mild gingivitis were split up into two groups. One group was instructed to utilise a nylon waxed dental floss and the other group was instructed to utilize a wide poly tetrafluoroethylene ( PTFE ) floss. The study participators ‘ teeth were evaluated at the start of the study and again after two weeks, five weeks and six weeks. At every visit, the participators ‘ teeth were evaluated for plaque, gingivitis and gum bleeding. At the fifth week, the groups switched to utilizing the other type of floss so the researchers could resolve whether the participators had a preference for one type.

Overall, the researchers found that both types of floss were likewise useful in reducing plaque and improving gum health. But Seventy five percent of the participators preferred the PTFE floss and only Twenty-five percent preferred the nylon floss.
If you’re new to flossing, or if you have sensitive gums, you might want to start with PTFE floss ,eg Crest’s Glide floss, which is softer than a standard nylon floss to slip more easily between the teeth and is less likely to destroy or shred than a nylon floss.

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